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Macs do not get virus – or do they?

So far, Mac's OS X has been relatively virus free - but malware and adware are increasingly targeting Macs. Last year more than half-a-million Macs were infected with Flashback Trojan virus!

Apple of course responded promptly as only it could - it subtly removed from its web sites all trace of reference to Macs not getting virus and introduced a Gatekeeper feature that only allows trusted apps to be installed from its App store.

The honest, non-partisan, truth is that Mac OS X is - and iOS will be - as much of a target for virus and malware as Windows - although Android is the undisputed leader by a very long margin.

Google Play, Windows Store, and Apple App Store reflect a sincere desire by all three to eliminate virus and malware from their devices. The rationale is that apps curated, checked, and distributed via a closed ecosystem - walled garden - is the best way to keep users safe. The system fails when users go outside the recognised app store - usually by jail breaking or rooting the device - or when malware is introduced by exploiting vulnerabilities like ‘drive by infection' from web sites - infected videos and music - or clicking on links in emails.

It is a big, bad, world - much of it orchestrated by organised crime!

One of the biggest untivirus companies AVG has started beta testing of its Anti-Virus for Mac - to test it follow the link and enroll in their beta program. We recommend you to try it.

This complements the free AVG Cleaner for Mac that is more a system tool to clean out unwanted or duplicate files and monitors OS X to identify bottlenecks. We tried is on a relatively new Mac and were amazed that there was over 30GB of crud - cache and junk files, install files, log files, file history and more - cluttering the drive. It ran faster after use. The software also has a handy duplicate finder - pictures, music, videos, and documents.


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