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Our professionals will assist you in troubleshooting and repair of your computer and network problems. We have a complete understanding of how to ensure data integrity, perform quality work in the shortest time allowed, and get you back on track as soon as possible. We will keep your business successful and be there for you whenever you need us. Our services range from the basics of troubleshooting PCs and Apple computers to building complex networks, web design, data backup and recovery, and programming. Here are some examples of services and descriptions we provide to our clients:

DSL / Cable / T1 / T3 Installation and Troubleshooting

Fast internet connection service is helpful and popular in any business but usually allows only one PC to access the internet. Lecon Consulting can help you connect all the computers you have in your business/home office to the same Internet line. Both wired and wireless connections are available.

Data backup

We provide data backup systems installation, configuration, and upgrade. If you create new files or update the existing ones almost every day, Lecon Consulting recommends that you regularly schedule backups on tape or other external storage or on-line. Of course, the type of backup you choose depends on your volume, the security of your system, and the confidentiality of your data. Do not risk losing your important documents. Protect your work and your business.

Custom Programming and Web design

Lecon Consulting, Inc. offeres custom programming services including developing entirely custom software solutions/databases and adding additional functionality to existing software solutions/databases. Custom applications made especially for your business will increase efficiency and productivity, identify problems, and make your business run better.

Lecon Consulting Inc. also provides design and re-design of your web site and allow your company to achieve the corporate exposure through the World Wide Web. Our web sites range in size and complexity from simple electronic business cards to password-protected pages, searchable databases and interactive forms. E-commerce options are also available.


Lecon Consulting Inc. can build networks consisting of two computers. This would enable the user to share data and information. Furthermore, when two or more computers are connected, our setup would allow you to share a single printer, scanner, and any other peripheral device. Lecon Consulting will connect your computers using a peer-to-peer network with the potential for expansion to up to 10 workstations. If you need to increase the number of workstations, our professionals will assist you with a client-server network. Both wired and wireless connections are available.


Lecon Consulting will help you to protect your computers from viruses with the latest antivirus and firewall software. We will also help you to clean your system, if necessary, and protect it for the future. Physical firewall installation is available.

Servers, PCs and MACs

Lecon Consulting has trained technicians that can upgrade and repair your Windows compatible and Apple personal computers. They can design and build a system that meets your needs, based on your business and personal requirements. In addition, we will replace or upgrade your hard drives, video and sound cards, and any other piece of hardware you desire, when feasible.

Surveillance Systems

No matter how secure your business or home is, there is always something else that can be done to make your place more secure. Surveillance Cameras System not just provides the edge you need to sleep a little better at night but also might decrease the cost of your business or home insurance.

Lecon Consulting Inc. will professionally install and configure/reconfigure a Security Cameras System in your business or home and allow you remotely monitor and control your place from anywhere in the World.


Lecon Consulting Inc. offers training and support for a variety of applications, software, and operating systems. User manuals are available.


Our staff writers will design a computer-user policy for your staff to help them understand the importance of the data to which they have access, confidentiality, and integrity. This will protect you and your company from fraud, misuse, and abuse. Remember that if you have a business, your employees are there to work and not to surf the internet, enjoy the news and jokes available through the internet, or use your time to look for new employment.


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