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Lecon Consulting Inc. has earned its reputation by providing its services to a wide variety of clients. They include small retailers, medical coding and billing companies, mortgage brokerage and real estate firms, banks, staffing firms, medical laboratories, and professional corporations, such as law, medical, dental, accounting and bookkeeping offices. Our qualified staff can assist you with your off-the-shelf and customized software by communicating with vendors to ensure that they understand your needs. Your productivity and uninterrupted operation of your firm is our goal.

Below are some of the websites we have built over the past few years. Great pride has been taken with each project to deliver the best possible solution for our clients needs.


  Fast Food Company

  Multi language website





     Multidimensional Food Company

     Multi language website





                    Youth Soccer Organization






                     Food Distribution Company






                    Piano Teacher School






                       European Food Store

                       Multi language website




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